Mega Man CX

Mega Man CX
Mega Man CX

Mega Man CX is based on Megaman 2, a hacked game with many random levels and enemies such as Mario, Bomberman, and Woodley from Kirby. The game's new weapons, items, and abilities are so enticing that they keep players' eyes riveted to the screen for hours without becoming bored. Join the game immediately and fight as if there were no tomorrow!

There are numerous monsters in front of you, and your mission is to combat nonstop and defeat as many dangerous monsters as possible without dying. Your character is equipped with a weapon that never runs out of ammunition. Press X to shoot, Z to jump, and the left and right arrow keys to proceed. If you allow monsters to approach you, your vitality bar on the left side of the screen will deplete, and you will perish. Go ahead!

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