Mega Man The Wily Wars

Mega Man The Wily Wars
Mega Man The Wily Wars

Welcome to Mega Man The Wily Wars - an equally dramatic entry in our Mega Man series. Take control of Mega Man through each level. At the conclusion of each level, the Robot master must face the boss.

The villainous Dr. Wily has traveled back in time to attempt to defeat the cyborg savior Mega Man in one of their first three encounters. Each subsequent Mega Man game reminisces about his previous exploits, in which Wily dispatched a group of formidable cyborgs to take over the world, which Mega Man had to stop by himself. After concluding her time travel, Mega Man must apply everything she has learned to the Wily Tower. At the conclusion of each level, a boss battle with the Robot Master ensues. Players will receive the special weapon of the Robot Master, which they can then use for the remainder of the game. Additionally, each game contains one or more support artifacts that enable the player to access locations that are inaccessible via conventional means. Each primary weapon and support item has a limited amount of energy that can be replenished by picking up objects abandoned by fallen foes. Have fun!

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