Megaman In Super Mario Bros

Megaman In Super Mario Bros
Megaman In Super Mario Bros

Megaman in Super Mario Bros is a Nintendo rom hack that you can play in your browser. The controls and gameplay are identical, but the level layout, adversaries, and power-ups are all distinct and uniquely designed. The music varies depending on the character you're controlling; sound effects are available for all weapons and attacks; and the power-ups are incredible. The mushrooms provide Mega Man with her helmet/shot assault and her long-range attack against Samus. Bill from Contra receives a spread shot from Fireflower, who also links his laser sword to a new tunic. It's not clear why anyone would want to play Mario when Samus's Wave Beam can make quick work of Bowser.


  • C Special Key, Includes Three Unique Specials
  • Run or fly quickly. Press the back or forward arrows or A and D quickly
  • Strike the Z key
  • Continue pressing Z to perform a super attack
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