Mega Man 64

Mega Man 64
Mega Man 64

Welcome to Mega Man 64! This epic adventure combines the best of classic Mega Man gameplay with enormous bosses, an engrossing plot, and all the depth of the hottest RPGs.

The game takes place in a universe surrounded by water, so there are only a few sparsely populated islands and very few sources of energy. After discovering the refractor, MegaMan Volnutt, a digger, must fight his way out of the debris. Following his victory over the Reaverbots, he escaped on the airship Flutter. Sadly, engine difficulties caused the crash. Bonnes pirates assault the group led by Caskett as they attempt to repair Flutter. In an attempt to become wealthy, they seek refracting crystals to steal from others. The ruins they discover are connected to the "Main Gate," which the locals dread because a mysterious creature is rumored to reside within. In search of the ultimate treasure, the Mother Lode, you must traverse a vast 3-D universe. You'll enjoy the stunning 3D visuals, powerful armaments, and nonstop action.

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