Naruto Adventure 2

Naruto Adventure 2
Naruto Adventure 2

Naruto Adventure 2 offers the ultimate experience as a great ninja. This platform game will not disappoint you because it combines the two most appealing elements: battle and adventure.

If you've heard of Naruto, you're familiar with his devastating attacks. Take those strong shots in Naruto Adventure 2, where you control Naruto and gather coins in a tough platform world. During this challenging voyage, Naruto will face numerous rival ninjas who will obstruct his path, and he will even have to fight from the start of the level. As a legendary ninja, you must assist Naruto in using his genius abilities to defeat all foes. Rasengan activates Naruto's power to clone, teleport, throw darts, and even perform special talents. Don't forget that the main goal is to collect coins and conquer obstacles to pass the level! Test your fighting abilities in Naruto Adventure 2 now!

How To Play

  • To control Naruto, use the WASD keys
  • Use the H, J, and K keys to use abilities like punching, kicking, or hurling shuriken

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