Mega Man Zero 4

Mega Man Zero 4
Mega Man Zero 4

Mega Man Zero 4 features Zero's return. Aid Zero and his pals in taking down Neo Arcadia. Use the Buster Shot, Z Cyber, and Zero Knuckle cool weapons. Battle the enormous robot bosses as you go through each stage, collecting chips to personalize your weaponry.

Play as the hero who faces Dr. Weil for the final time while brandishing his sword. In Mega Man Zero 4, employ cutting-edge technology to your advantage by using a weapon that enables Zero to steal opponent parts and use them as weapons or construct resources for himself. A new mechanic allows Zero to alter the weather before entering one of the game's eight main stages, changing how the level is laid out, where the enemies are placed, and whether or not the boss can use their EX powers for Zero to duplicate.

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