Mega Man 5 GB

Mega Man 5 GB
Mega Man 5 GB

In the Mega Man World series for the Game Boy, Mega Man 5 GB is the fifth and last entry. Unlike previous Game Boy games, this one has its own storyline, unique content, and a full range of bosses and weapons instead of using levels or bosses from the NES games. novel gas.

Stardroids swarm down from the sky, their armor too thick for the Blue Bomber's bullets to penetrate. Thankfully, Dr. Light is able to fit the hero with a Mega Arm, which doesn't appear all that different save from the attack shot, which is shaped like a heavy knuckle when fired in the manner of the Mazinger Z Rocket Punch. As Mega Man unleashes a full-scale assault on the alien army, experience a whole new level of excitement! Enter battle, avoid the deadly rings of Saturn, and deal with Mercury's molten threat! On your voyage back to Alpha Centauri, explore the universe in search of alien gems so you can create the ultimate "Mega Arm" weapon and exterminate these invaders. All of Earth's armaments are ineffective at stopping the hordes of alien robots that have fallen from the sky on their violent rampage. The only person who can now stop these alien invaders is Mega Man!

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