Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure
Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure is an attractive action adventure with stunning modern 3D visuals. Prepare to go on a treacherous quest with the gorilla warrior across an amazing future fantasy land!

In Gorilla Adventure, a gorilla is imprisoned in a cramped iron box and attempts to push himself forward using his hammer. At the end of the voyage, your task will be to assist him in overcoming severe challenges and discovering the mystery of this virtual universe. The rules for this game are simple, but the difficulty is incredibly high. To move the gorilla forward, simply drag and drop the mouse. Gorrila, on the other hand, can only move with the aid of a hammer, making it difficult to scale tall structures. So, do you believe you have enough patience to see this monkey fighter through to the end?

How To Play

  • Drag and drop the mouse to control the character
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