Angry Mario

Angry Mario
Angry Mario

Angry Mario is an exceedingly stunning action game based on the popular game Angry Birds. Choose your preferred level and begin fighting with hero Mario and terrifying animals from the Mushroom Kingdom!

Are you fed up with Mario's platform-jumping and coin-collecting adventures? So, prepare for brutal fighting in Angry Mario. Your mission in this game is to assist the loving plumber in shooting down all of the adversaries who are attempting to attack him. The method for shooting down adversaries is simple but not easy. You must load shots into the big slingshot and aim at the enemy in the distance. Later on, your opponents will become more defensive, hiding behind logs or brick barricades. As a result, you must first discharge your fireballs at the barriers before approaching the opponent. Each round only has a set quantity of shells, so arrange them correctly to complete the level. Are you ready to shoot in Angry Mario?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse pointer to navigate
  • Left-click to shoot
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