Super Mario Advance 4

Super Mario Advance 4
Super Mario Advance 4

Super Mario Advance 4 is a popular adventure game that builds on the legendary Super Mario Bros. 3: Star Scramble. The game promises to provide gamers with an entirely new experience, with updated graphics and powerful sound.

You can play as either the famed plumber Mario or the cute Luigi. Our two heroes will have to embark on a long and perilous trip across eight beautiful mushroom kingdoms with hard levels. The primary purpose is to leap across platforms, avoid obstacles, and collect coins. In addition, you will face hazardous opponents who endanger the lives of the two individuals who come unexpectedly during the game rounds. The game also includes boss encounters against the fearsome Bowser to test your battling abilities. Play Super Mario Advance 4 right now and save the princess with Mario!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to control
  • To start, hit the Enter key
  • To switch modes, press the space bar
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