Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario is a puzzle-based video game released by Nintendo in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, and Game Boy.

This is a falling block puzzle game in which the player must use colored vitamin pellets hurled by Dr. Mario to eliminate the virus on the playing field. The player manipulates the falling capsules to eliminate the virus by aligning identical hues. Each tablet is divided in half, with each half bearing one of the three colors: red, blue, or yellow. Align three pills of the same color with the corresponding virus (or any combination of pills and viruses comprising four or more), and that pill will be extracted from the vial together. The level is cleared when there are no more viruses, and the game ends when the pills reach the summit and Dr. Mario can no longer drop any more. With each new pathogen level, four additional levels are added. Are you capable of completing the game? Best of success!

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