Sonic Next

Sonic Next
Sonic Next

Sonic Next is a highly successful fan-made Sonic The Hedgehog hack. You still play as Sonic, but the game introduces numerous new features, including spectacular attacks, for you to explore.

Your main objective in Sonic Next is to run through platforms, acquire gold rings, and defeat bosses at the conclusion of each level. There will be four main stages to complete, each with a formidable boss that you must defeat. Take advantage of Sonic's extraordinary abilities and uncover new attacks to defeat all adversaries. The golden rings have the ability to restore health to your hedgehog hero, so try not to miss them. Are you prepared to be the sole hero to survive in Sonic Next?

How To Play

  • Just press the Enter key to get the game started
  • For movement, use the arrow keys
  • Select mode using the space bar
  • To leap, press the X and Z keys
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