Mario Dash JetPack

Mario Dash JetPack
Mario Dash JetPack

Mario was bored in the mushroom kingdom he loved the sky and hoped he could be free and soar like birds with his Mario Dash JetPack. Because of this, he made the decision to put on a jetpack and fly. Assist him in maintaining his flight for as long as you can, avoiding obstacles and gathering coins of various colors to increase your score.

That huge sky isn't as easy as he expected; there are numerous birds and difficulties to contend with. He only needs to adjust his height to avoid colliding with the birds and gather coins of various colors. Furthermore, if the hero gathers the letter D A S H, he will gain superpowers and trigger the green super mario. To prevent losing life, avoid touching the bottom and upper areas of the playing surface. Begin a one-of-a-kind adventure with Mario and conquer the skies!

How To Play

Tap and hold to fly higher and release to get down

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