Super Mario Run Tour

Super Mario Run Tour
Super Mario Run Tour

Mario never sits still; the hero is always on the move, and if he is not saving the princess or gathering riches to replenish the Mushroom Kingdom's treasury, he is either competing in a sports tournament or testing out a brand new product. His first run will be on Super Mario Run Tour. Mario went for a run in the woods to motivate himself. Because there may be wild creatures there, you must flee, whether you like it or not. So as not to end up in the mouth of a predator. In the Super Mario Run Tour, assist the hero in avoiding tripping.

How To Play

This is a new variety of Mario game designed for one-handed play. Mario is controlled by tapping while he runs continually forward. In order to reach the objective, you time your stylish leaps, mid-air spins, and wall jumps while collecting coins.


Left Mouse Button / Touch – Interact / Jump

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