Hello Kitty City Adventure

Hello Kitty City Adventure
Hello Kitty City Adventure
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Hello Kitty City Adventure is a visually appealing platform adventure game for girls who adore pink. The vibrant colors and endearing characters in this game will captivate even the most tricky players!

You must be familiar with the renowned white cat, Kitty, right? In Hello Kitty City Adventure, you will encounter and control this adorable character in the magical pink woodland. You may have noticed that this cat appears shy in cartoons, but not in this game. Kitty is highly agile and fearless when she is alone, facing numerous challenges in her journeys. The main purpose is to direct Kitty to leap across platforms while avoiding harmful traps that endanger her life. If you see black-masked ninjas on the road, don't be terrified; instead, let Kitty leap on top of them and destroy them. Try it now to discover levels with bright themes and adorable new characters in the game!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to control

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