Super Mario Rush Difference

Super Mario Rush Difference
Super Mario Rush Difference

Super Mario Rush Difference is a game based on the popular character Mario and his pals. There will be no additional adventures this time, but you must demonstrate your hawk vision by identifying the difference between two photographs. Now is the time to have some fun!

The goal of this video game is to detect the difference between two seemingly similar photos in a limited amount of time. The distinction might range from a change in color, shape, or position of an object. Some of the differences are rather minor, so players must pay close attention to every aspect in order to spot them all. To spot all of the variances, players must pay great attention to the game's minute subtleties. There are five discrepancies between the two photos presented. Each erroneous choice causes the player to lose one life. If the player loses more than three lives, the game must be restarted from the beginning. If you're a Mario fan, this is a basic game that's both entertaining and tough. Let's give it a shot right now!

How To Play

Use the mouse or tap to jump

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