Super Mario Advance

Super Mario Advance
Super Mario Advance

Super Mario Advance is an improved video game adaptation of the classic Super Mario Bros adventure game. In this section, you can choose whether to play as Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, or Toad. Explore additional levels featuring the game's diverse and incredibly appealing environment!

Unlike prior basic versions of the Mario games, Super Mario Advance is meticulously crafted, with an astonishing series of levels ranging from the sky to the ground, the forest, and even beneath the sea. Interesting tasks with escalating levels of complexity await gamers to explore. Your goal is to guide Mario and his friends across platforms while avoiding monsters and obstacles. To win the level, our heroes must do more than just sprint and jump. They must also confront and defeat strong opponents. Explore seven additional worlds created with the spectacular pixel graphics of Super Mario Advance!

How To Play

  • Press the Enter key to start the game
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate Mario
  • Press Shift key to select
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