Adventure of Leek

Adventure of Leek
Adventure of Leek

Adventure of Leek is an adventure platform game based on the material of the well-known classic game Super Mario. Help the child who has just escaped from an alien flying saucer complete a difficult quest to return home safely.

If you are playing Adventure of Leek for the first time, don't worry; thorough instructions on how to play are displayed immediately from the start. Once you've mastered the game's rules, begin your tough adventure with Leek. Controlling your avatar to sprint across levels while avoiding obstacles is similar to the classic gameplay in previous platform games. If you come across slugs on the road, you must fire them to eliminate them. Do not try to leap on them; you will lose your life instantly. Remember to collect as many coins as possible to earn a high score after the game. It's time to explore the stunning pixelated environments in Adventure of Leek!

How To Play

  • Control with WASD keys or arrow keys
  • Press Z or M key to throw bullets
  • Press Z or N to jump up
  • Press X or M to start playing

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