Steamboat Willie's: Super Willie World

Steamboat Willie's: Super Willie World
Steamboat Willie's: Super Willie World
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Steamboat Willie's: Super Willie World is an amazing platform adventure game starring the adorable mouse Willie. You'll join Willie on an adventure through the retro cartoon universe in strong black-and-white tones. Inspired by the renowned game Super Mario Bros, this brave mouse's adventure promises to be filled with thorns to overcome!

In Steamboat Willie's: Super Willie World, you must guide an active tiny mouse across platforms and obstacles to reach the giant ship. Throughout the levels, this brave mouse will encounter a variety of challenges and cunning traps. Use your talents to help Willie safely hop over traps and make it to the finish of the level. If you come across foes along the road, jump on top of them to take them out. Make sure to collect all of the coins in each round to achieve the highest score. Come play now and assist the brave mouse, who resembles the renowned Mickey Mouse, complete all of the obstacles!

How To Play

  • Control the character with the arrow keys
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