Super Mario And Sonic

Super Mario And Sonic
Super Mario And Sonic

This time Mario teams up with Sonic in an extremely exciting adventure at Super Mario And Sonic. You must survive thousands of perils, gather cash, and find a way to save the princess.

Those who are familiar with and enjoy the original Mario games will be comfortable with the gameplay. Pick either Sonic or Mario to get the adventure started. You must make your way through each level while avoiding falling into holes, traps, and other obstacles and perils, as well as making direct contact with the creatures. You can put an end to creatures' lives by just landing on top of them. Collect coins from the environment or by touching on the boxes that have question marks strewn about, and do your best to outscore your past efforts at every opportunity. There are 15 difficult stages to play through, each with its own set of perilous obstacles. Kick off the festivities in this fantasy realm and assist our character in completing and surviving magical adventure levels filled with perils. Find a way to save the princess right now and become a hero!

How To Play

Use WASD keys or ARROW keys to move and jump.


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