3D Mario Snowboard

3D Mario Snowboard
3D Mario Snowboard

3D Mario Snowboard is an incredible adventure game that gives you a snowboarding experience unlike any other in the Mario series! Do you like snow? In this game, you can look forward to the bitter winter by overcoming obstacles and skiing at top speeds!

In 3D Mario Snowboard, there will be no more platform jumping problems in the Mushroom Kingdom. You will have the best time ice skating to dodge obstacles with the cheerful plumber Mario. Control Mario carefully on an icy course with pine trees blocking your path and gather dazzling gold money. Mario will ski faster and faster; therefore, you must keep focused; simply hit a tree and the game will finish. Later on, you will confront a variety of new obstacles, such as pipes and rocks. Don't worry too much; there are usually useful items on the track. Collect the flags to replenish Mario's health and keep sliding forward. Play 3D Mario Snowboard now!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play this game

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