Super Mario Physics

Super Mario Physics
Super Mario Physics

Super Mario Physics is a Crazy Physics puzzle game in which Mario must strike the mushroom off the platform by tapping or boxing to cause it to fall. Are you capable of answering each of the challenging questions?

Mario is renowned for traversing the Mushroom World, a labyrinthine labyrinth pursued by malevolent fungi. The plumber must leap over or avoid them. However, within the context of Super Mario Physics, Mario remains immobile, and the advantageous green-cap mushroom falls into his palms. Travelers hardly ever encounter mushrooms of this kind on the way. These are extraordinary mushrooms; they possess a mystical quality. Upon consuming said mushroom, the protagonist not only transforms into Mario but also into Super. To enable the mushroom to reach the hero, all obstacles in its trajectory must be eliminated. To accomplish this, click on the box and remove the item to enable the mushroom to smile while traversing an inclined plane or stairs in Super Mario Physics.

How To Play

Tap or click to remove the boxes and make the Mushroom move.

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