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Super Marty O-Alconaut

Super Marty O-Alconaut

Super Marty O-Alconaut is an interesting platform adventure game that has been compared to the iconic Super Mario franchise. In this game, a courageous pink hero embarks on a difficult journey to battle fast food monsters.

In Super Marty O'Alconaut's amazing world, potato chips and beer transform into monsters that threaten the entire globe. They kidnapped and imprisoned Princess Peach as part of a scheme to control the realm. You must assist the charming hero Marty O in overcoming the dangers of fast food surroundings in order to restore world peace. Continuing the basic platform action from Super Mario Adventure, you must control Marty O to leap over blocks and avoid obstacles. Along the way, our hero will be continually confronted with fierce fast food creatures. Play Super Marty O'Alconaut now and discover amazing themes!

How to play

  • Move left or right with keys A or D
  • Press the Space key to jump up and press twice in a row to double-jump
  • Press the Esc key to pause

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Super Marty O-Alconaut
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