Lethal Race

Lethal Race
Lethal Race

You can gain from every race in Lethal Race by improving and eliminating your opponents, teaching them how a triple back flip is done, and taking first place at each finish line. You will be competing against other super-villain automobiles while you navigate through cities, tunnels and farms. Have fun!

The Lethal Race is a battle of life and death where only the most fit participants will win. You'll need your seatbelts because this ride will be bumpy! You can race against other cars on a dangerous track and win cash and collectibles. Also, you can increase your nitro supply through flips. You can take out the enemy cars and not cause any damage to yourself. You will also have the chance to unlock new cars and improve them with the money earned. It is best to use every springboard you have to perform flips during the race. Your nitro gauge will rise and give you an advantage over other drivers. There will be 12 options, including a monster truck and a police cruiser. First, select a car to start and modify it as needed. You will need to race down bumpy roads while doing some big jumps. Do your best to avoid your competitors. You will need to perform backflips to earn nitro during the races. In addition to collecting stars and money, you can also customize your vehicle with stars and money. Modifying your car will give you more coins and stars. The race is a must-win event. You can even cause damage to other cars. You can earn money by participating in this dangerous race to boost your nitro. Spend the coins you have accumulated on upgrades to improve your car. You must finish every race if you want to be first!

How To Play

How To Play Lethal Race

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