How Dare You

How Dare You
How Dare You

An extraterrestrial has invaded our planet, and now he will pay the price for it! But how could he have the audacity? You take control of a devilish monster in How Dare You and lead it through a crazed struggle for survival. You can receive your first wrath by pressing the red button, and you should aim to maximize it if you can. While you jump on your foes to destroy them, watch out for creatures and saws that can deplete your stamina if you are hit by them. Collect the power-ups that will make you invincible and even assist you in overcoming the challenges you face. You may purchase a variety of improvements with the coins you acquire during each level and gain over 30 achievements if you do so. The video game How Dare You is a running game in which the objective is to complete as many levels as possible while amassing as much gold as possible and destroying as many of your opponents as possible.

How To Play

How To Play How Dare You

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