Uphill Rush 9

Uphill Rush 9
Uphill Rush 9

Ride out on your horse to enjoy the best of Uphill Rush 9's adventures! The Wild West is a lure that cannot be ignored. You will want to take part in this amazing adventure. You have a long road ahead of you, so be prepared and strong!

You're living in the wild west, and it is calling to you. But, it's not all roses in this world. You will be visiting a total twenty locations in this fascinating town. Each location will have a different level of difficulty, so you'll need to solve the challenges. Despite this, you're not the only one who will face these challenges. Your horse is your best friend and you're bringing him along. You can use it to navigate the roads at high winds. Therefore, you should aim to collect as many treasures and coins as possible along each level of the route. You will be done when you reach level twenty. Let's try it!

How To Play

How To Play Uphill Rush 9

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