Ninja Dogs 2

Ninja Dogs 2
Ninja Dogs 2

Ninja Dogs 2 is the second sequel to the game Ninja Dogs, and now another issue has arisen: an ancient scroll of knowledge has been stolen from the ninja temple, and the cats are to responsible! It is time to completely level the city held by the enemy. You should be acquainted with the guidelines if you participated in the first episode of the launch game that was available for free online play. If such is not the case, allow me to begin with the fundamentals. Each ninja dog has its own set of special skills that set it apart from the others. The Dalmatian has the ability to launch knives, the Dachshund can multiply, and the Bulldog can set fire to whatever it comes into contact with. Make use of these talents to bring down structures and get rid of those troublesome cats. Fire the cannon and make minor adjustments to the trajectory after each shot in order to successfully complete the task. Includes 45 brand-new levels, 1 brand-new dog, 4 brand-new scenes from the plot, and new scenery. You only need to ensure that the angle and power are perfect, and then cross your fingers and hope that you hit a lot of them. You need to kill the cats in order to get the scroll, so good luck with that! As usual, I wish you the best of luck, and remember to enjoy yourself!

How To Play

  • Hold and drag the left mouse button = aim and launch the dog cannon
  • A / left arrow key = move camera view to the left
  • D / right arrow key = move camera view to the right
  • S / down arrow key = zoom out and zoom in
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