Ninja Dogs

Ninja Dogs
Ninja Dogs

Make every effort to rescue Masterdog, who has been held captive by the Samurai Cats. A launch-and-destroy game in the style of the Angry Birds series, Ninja Dogs is played in a 2D perspective. Help a ninja dog clan recover their master, who was taken hostage by a sneaky ninja cat clan. You will be in charge of the ninja dog clan. Your cannon's angle and power may both be adjusted with the click of your mouse. Simply click here to start the dog. To initiate the dog's special attack, you must click when it is in the air. S key to zoom out To pan left, use the A key, and to pan right, press the D key. It is necessary to neutralize the danger posed by the wicked fat cat in order to recover the scroll, therefore use the ninjutsu that the dog has. You must defeat every foe if you want to proceed. Best wishes, and remember to enjoy yourself no matter what!

How To Play

  • Hold and drag the left mouse button = aim and launch the dog cannon
  • A / left arrow key = move camera view to the left
  • D / right arrow key = move camera view to the right
  • S / down arrow key = zoom out and zoom in
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