Heroes of Mangara. The Frost Crown

Heroes of Mangara. The Frost Crown
Heroes of Mangara. The Frost Crown

Your quest to obtain an ancient item known as the Frost Crown will take you to the northern island. In the second installment of the free, online tower defense game, you are cordially invited to return to the realm of Mangara. Place the most powerful magicians and soldiers in your army atop the towers that have been constructed to guard your area. An ice-covered island's resident druid briefs you on the peril they face as you make your way to shore there. Skeletons and foul wolves prowl the pathways, and the only way to stop the impending danger is for a courageous warrior to take action. Come to the aid of a band of brave individuals as they battle monsters and investigate what has transpired. The more levels you go through, the more magic spells you can learn, the more new party members you can entice to your campfire, and the more you can level up your existing party members. Heroes of Mangara 2 is a traditional tower defense game that can be played online. This game gives tribute to the power of narrative as well as the fantasy role-playing game aspects. Create a game plan, exercise patience, wipe out armies of mystical creatures and zombies, and most importantly, have fun!

How To Play

How To Play Heroes of Mangara. The Frost Crown

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