Dibbles For the Greater Good

Dibbles For the Greater Good
Dibbles For the Greater Good

Lemmings-like problem solving is at the heart of Dibbles For the Greater Good. Your mission is to steer the extremely little animals known as dibbles, and in the process, you will have to give up some of them so that the other players may accomplish their goal. We come across free online puzzle games every once in a while that have endearing characters and entertaining animation, but at their heart, they are rather difficult. The logic game represented here by this brainteaser is an excellent example of the genre. Your mission is to provide commands to the tiny people so that they can get the king out of the level safely. The faithful dibbles are willing to spear their life for the greater benefit of the community. Put your problem-solving skills to the test and position a variety of command markers throughout the stage. They will follow them and attempt to construct a bridge or a floater, as well as climb the walls and bounce. By placing instruction rocks in the appropriate locations, you may ensure that the dibbles can safely transport their king. You are more than welcome to play the game on your computer, which has more than 30 different levels, or you may play it online on your phone without having to download it first.

How To Play

How To Play Dibbles For the Greater Good

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