Super Bomb Bugs

Super Bomb Bugs
Super Bomb Bugs

Explore new places and engage together with the Bomb Bug to recover the diamonds he misplaced by finding and bringing back magical objects. Your mission is to make it to the top of the platforms while keeping your health up and gathering as many gems as you can along the route. Utilize the keys on your keyboard to maneuver about and drop bombs in order to eliminate destroyers and get the gems they are guarding. The classic platformer that you're about to play has a wide variety of challenging levels spread over four distinct realms. You'll need to jump, avoid being caught in traps, unlock doors, utilize teleporters, and a whole lot more. Locate the concealed battle gear across the level to engage the antagonists and overcome the challenges. Gather bonuses and throw or drop explosives to eliminate enemies and demolish levels in order to progress.

How To Play

How To Play Super Bomb Bugs

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