Under The Rubble

Under The Rubble
Under The Rubble
ACTIONFLASH FROM THE PASTflash from the past

Lots of zombies may be found in every direction! When it comes to the ancient home, there are usually some mishaps that take place. For instance, the zombies like taking cover within the dilapidated home. The city can only be saved if it is bombed. There is no other way to bring these brain-eating creatures to their knees! Because you only have a certain amount of the bombs available, you need to put some serious thought into where you place them. When you are through planting and you are certain that you are ready, push the boom button and check to see whether your estimates were accurate. Bomb it!

You may now take advantage of one of the most peculiar brain teasers that has ever been created everywhere you go!

How To Play

How To Play Under The Rubble

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