Super Mario Halloween Wheelie

Super Mario Halloween Wheelie

Super Mario Halloween Wheelie is a free online game that puts your wheel mastery skills to the test. Super Mario, one of the boldest characters, has earned his motorcycle license and requires your assistance to complete each level. Can you assist Mario in performing challenging feats with his bike in this Halloween-themed game and guide him through each level?

Halloween is celebrated in Mario's world, as it is everywhere else, in a joyful fashion, and Mario decides to start the festivities with new records in Super Mario Halloween Wheelie. He recently purchased a motorcycle and has dedicated himself fully to this interest. He drove diligently through the Mushroom Kingdom's hills and platforms. When he became bored with conventional driving, he decided to practice tricks. In the game, your goal is to do a wheelie trick all the way to the finish line. Click on the screen to begin playing the game. Your character will progress on its own. To create and maintain the wheel, you must continuously click the screen. The game will be over if the front wheel touches the ground. Have fun collecting pumpkins.

How to play

Use the mouse

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Super Mario Halloween Wheelie
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