Drift Boss

Drift Boss
Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a game where you have to test your eye-hand coordination as you drive on difficult courses. While it takes effort and time to become a great driver, this game will require more. Take the driving seat and get ready for bumpy roads ahead. What do you think your capabilities will take you?

This game is not for Sunday drivers so expect a difficult ride. To complete your mission you need to get as far as possible and not slip off the road. Driving is hard work, but this game makes it easy with its simple controls. To start the game, choose one of the eight cars available on the main screen and click the play button. You will be given one automobile at the beginning, but you can unlock more cars by spending the money earned as you play the game. To make your car turn at steep corners, you can either click on the screen (or hit the SPACE BUTTON button). Be aware that your car may spin around as you drive it, so plan ahead. We wish you all the best!

How To Play

How To Play Drift Boss

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