Cars vs Zombies

Cars vs Zombies
Cars vs Zombies

The infection spread rapidly around the globe, and as a result, cities quickly became overrun by zombies. Turn on the engine, step on the gas pedal, run over as many of the undead as possible, then stop the vehicle in the location shown. The zombie-based puzzle game Cars vs Zombies is presented in a two-dimensional format. You can start the engine of a car by clicking on it, and you can put it in park by clicking on it again. After you have accomplished the stage's main objective, you will need to return the vehicles to the parking area in order to proceed. Orange blocks with white stripes may be eliminated, however the striped orange blocks will vanish on their own if they collide with a red traffic cone. Pay attention to the traffic signs; there will be a change in direction indicated by a red pointer with two arrows. You can win each level by killing all of the zombies and driving each automobile into its designated parking location without damaging it.

How To Play

How To Play Cars vs Zombies

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