Stunt Crazy

Stunt Crazy
Stunt Crazy
ACTIONFLASH FROM THE PASTflash from the past

In this smashing, destruct-em-up game, your goal is to become a world-famous stunt guy. Destroy 24 film sets, get yourself into the headlines, take home some prizes, and put on some stunt performances. A futuristic vehicle will be your mode of transportation as you navigate roofs and other obstacles while keeping an eye on your gasoline. To fulfill your goals, you need to collect the red, blue, and yellow stunt reels. Are you as insane as they say you are?

The car-based action game Stunt Crazy challenges players to do the most impressive stunts possible while behind the wheel of their vehicle. Your goal should be to bring everything to its knees in the most spectacular manner possible. You may steer your stunt vehicle with the arrow keys on your keyboard or the wasd key. For missiles, turbo, and crash bombs, use z, x, and c (or j, k, and l).

How To Play

  • WS or up and down arrow keys = move
  • AD or left and right arrow keys = flip the car in mid-air
  • Z = launch missiles
  • X = use rocket
  • C = use crash bomb
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