Ropeman 3D

Ropeman 3D
Ropeman 3D

Get ready to bring the bad guys down in Ropeman 3D. The future of this beautiful city is on your shoulders. Those who threaten your village must be eliminated, and you must use your abilities to do so. Perhaps it will be difficult, but you must be courageous and prepared to face them. This is the time to start fighting!

To accomplish each level, you must shoot your hook to bring down helicopters, buildings, or even the enemy guys themselves, and then toss them headfirst into each other.

Strategy will get you to the bad man in time to kill him. As you progress through the levels, the tasks will increase, and you'll have to eliminate the evil guys more rapidly.

Put your hand and eye coordination to the test and try to catch the bad guys before they kill you. Your dexterity and quick thinking will be put to the test in increasingly difficult ways as you progress through the game.

Play the part of the next great action hero with complete absorption. Do you feel like things are getting out of hand? Take some time out and get lost in your own action novel.

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