Guns and Magic

Guns and Magic
Guns and Magic

Guns And Magic is an action game in which you protect your home from monsters. Fight monsters that enter your farm through the portal.

Your exceptional marksmanship will assist our courageous farmer in defending his land and magnificent ranch. Build defense towers, put traps in strategic locations, ask for assistance whenever you need it, determine what type of attack strategy is the best solution to your grave dilemma, and ruthlessly exterminate your foes to regain your tranquility and your house! As soon as foes are vanquished and dungeons are cleared, collect presents and resources to strengthen your team. You have a magical ability that allows you to use your hand as a laser gun. Collect the remaining jewels from the remaining monsters. With these diamonds, you can acquire and place defensive tools. Utilize all available resources: construct turrets, barricades, and traps; call for assistance; and alter your strategy.

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