Squid Run

Squid Run
Squid Run

Squid Run is a thrilling survival running game in which you must surmount numerous perilous obstacles to reach the finish line.

The prospect of easy money lures you into a trap in this game. You soon discover, however, that the game was created with the intent of taking your life. Now, your only option is to flee and demonstrate your resilience in the face of peril. To survive in this perilous game, you must be vigilant and watchful. You must leap over the numerous fangs, poisons, and spikes in front of you to escape. Simply click to leap and gather as many coins as possible. Demonstrate your mettle by overcoming the traps and fooling the guardians. With luck and skill, it is possible to endure Squid Run and emerge victorious. However, keep in mind that the risk is extremely high and the repercussions of failure are dire. Your endurance will be put to the test in this mortal game, so best of luck!

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