Super Oliver World

Super Oliver World
Super Oliver World

Playing as Oliver, you must escape a perilous parallel universe filled with traps and terrifying foes in the brand-new arcade game Super Oliver World. So it's time to embark on new experiences!

How to play

Leap from platform to platform, eliminate or avoid enemies so as not to lose a life, and search for secret passages to obtain bonuses. Each successive level in the pixel world will be more challenging than the one preceding it. Each level must be completed without losing a life to traps, creatures, gaps, or other obstacles. Because if you die, you must resume from scratch. Follow the instructions of the white glove, guide your character through the pipelines, and reach the ray of light at the end of the path to ensure your survival.


A or the left arrow key, is used to move left; D or the right arrow key, is used to move right; and W, Z or the up arrow key, is used to jump. X or J = shoot

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