Deer Hunter 2D

Deer Hunter 2D
Deer Hunter 2D

Deer Hunter 2D is a fun, arcade-style shooting game. It features simple controls for shooting and movement, as well as a format that is easy to learn and understand. You can play 30 fun levels with great shooting gameplay. Play Deer Hunter now for an amazing hunting experience.

Each level's goal is to obtain and/or exceed the target score by shooting as many deer as possible. Collecting coins will allow you to buy better firearms and ammunition, which will improve your game performance and help you to progress further in the game. To gain an advantage and raise your score, use the Double Damage boosters that appear at random throughout the levels!

But watch out for the power of the jungle; mud puddles will pop up out of nowhere and hamper your progress. In such times, you should cross your fingers for a double speed increase, which is a boon when coupled with a sludgy puddle but a nuisance otherwise because it can mess with your sense of timing.

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