Money Hog

Money Hog
Money Hog

Money Hog is a fast-action game with beautiful pixel graphics and entertaining gameplay. When confronted with formidable foes in the sky, the pink pig requires your assistance. Can you guarantee that your pig will live until the end?

Are you ready to take on the fascinating obstacle course in Money Hog? A terrible witch has transformed an unfortunate individual into a pig, and you must assist him in overcoming all obstacles in order to break the spell. The game involves quick movements, so there is no time to hesitate. Control the pig to jump off the flying platforms before it is pushed too high into the sky. This is a difficult challenge because the platforms are continually soaring upwards, and there are numerous traps and adversaries ready to harm the pig. Use your agility and dexterity to escape spike traps and adversaries while jumping down platforms swiftly. Don't forget to collect the priceless flashing gold coins throughout the stages. Join Money Hog now and test your survival abilities!

How To Play

  • Press the Enter key to begin
  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press Z or spacebar to jump up
  • Press the down arrow key and space button to jump down
  • Press Ctrl or X key to attack

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