Steven Universe Spike Squad

Steven Universe Spike Squad
Steven Universe Spike Squad
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Steven Universe Spike Squad is an excellent arcade sports game based on the hit cartoon series Steven Universe. Look forward to the highly anticipated beach volleyball match in which the heroes play against one another rather than combat the bad guys.

You can choose to battle against AI in 1-player mode or compete with another friend in 2-player mode. To score more points, you must compete with your opponents and design effective methods, regardless of the mode you are playing in. The basic goal is to get as many accurate shots into the opponent's court as possible. Try to get as many bonus points as possible to unlock new outstanding characters and boost your enjoyment and competitive power. Practice to become the finest volleyball player in Steven Universe Spike Squad!

How To Play

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Press X key to defend, C key to hit the ball

Player 2:

  • Move with arrow keys
  • Press B key to defend, N key to hit the ball

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