Ice Man 3D

Ice Man 3D
Ice Man 3D

In Ice Man 3D, you will labor alongside the ice superhero to save the city from the villains. Overpower your foes with icy abilities and shatter them into countless fragments!

Warning, bad guys are approaching! What will you do if your life is threatened? You possess all of the necessary power in the palm of your hand. Simply by donning the magical gauntlet, you gain the ability to freeze and shoot enemies. Your objective in each level is to freeze and destroy enemies in order to restore safety. Your foes will attack in great numbers, but none of them will be able to halt you. If you don't freeze them before they reach you, you won't have a second opportunity. After chilling them all, you'll use the remaining gauntlet to transform the ice into water. After completing each level, you will earn currency, which can be used to purchase new skins. Additionally, you'll obtain special abilities that you can employ whenever the peril seems too great. Good luck!

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