Space in Starblast.io is anything but tranquil or eternal. Space is used as a huge intergalactic battlefield in this DOTIO arena game! This online multiplayer adventure has lasers, asteroids, aliens, spaceships, and many more futuristic features. Activate your shields, put your laser weapons to the test, and let infinity embrace you! You can try to take over the limitless planet of Starblast.io for more than one reason.

Hello there, commander! The basic goal of this IO game is to maneuver through dangerous space with your ship and destroy both other players and asteroids. Gems can be obtained by killing other players and destroying asteroids. The most valuable currency in the galaxy is gems! These can be used to enhance your ship and purchase supplementary weaponry. Armed to the teeth! When your gem cargo is full, you can choose between two higher-tier ships. There are currently 7 tiers and 32 ships available! Are you ready to get started? From the main menu, you can select one of four game modes. There are four of them: survivor, team mode, deathmatch, and invasion. Survival (also known as free-for-all) is all about mining asteroids for crystals. Use the crystals to raise your ship's tier. In this game mode, your ultimate goal is to survive until the survival mode period begins and then become the sole survivor to claim victory. In team mode, you can join one of three factions. You attempt to collaborate with your teammates to eliminate all hostile space stations. A deathmatch is a game in which you strive to kill as many players as possible while avoiding their fire. In invasion mode, you team up with other players to face swarms of NPC invaders.

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