Tower Defense Kingdom

Tower Defense Kingdom
Tower Defense Kingdom

Your kingdom is under jeopardy in Tower Defense Kingdom. The enemy forces are at your castle, planning to kill you and take the princess hostage. Do you have the guts to face these savage assassins head-on and prove to them that your kingdom is not up for grabs?

Our gates are being surrounded by the enemy. Nothing is worth losing what you have, so you must keep it at bay. In contrast, once the conflict is over, they will sing your victories' praises. The goal of this game is to stop the enemy invaders from getting through the defenses. Gather your arrows and quiver, and get into shooting position. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. Just click and hold anywhere on the screen. You can modify your aim by repositioning the mouse cursor. You should release the arrow as soon as you get a good look at your enemies. In the upper right corner of the screen, you'll find the current enemy count. Don't let them outside the city walls, under any circumstances. If that happens, there's no use in continuing the fight. As you progress through the game, the adversaries you fight will get tougher and the game will become more challenging. But have no fear. A victorious outcome is awarded when gold is achieved. Spend this money on some new archers. In order to fortify your defenses, you might invest in freeze archers and explosive archers. A toast to the success of the hero!

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