The entire city has been overrun by zombies, and only you can restore calm in Shootup.io. If you believe you are fit enough to survive, grab your weapon and slay as many zombies as possible!

The objective of this game is to exterminate as many zombies as possible to ascend the leaderboard. Move with the W, A, S, and D keys; use Shift to sprint; the left mouse button to fire a weapon; and the right mouse button to construct a defensive wall. In addition to the hungry and hazardous zombies, you will also encounter other players in this game's post-apocalyptic setting. You can choose to fight against them or work together. You may acquire various weapons found throughout the environment. Each surge of zombies will be led by a formidable leader. You can use the money gained from killing the undead to purchase new equipment and enhancements. Don't neglect to acquire health packs and additional bonus items. Best wishes and best efforts to persevere!


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