Agar.io, a multiplayer .IO game, immerses you in a fiercely competitive map populated by ravenous blobs. There are no concessions in this stressful situation. To survive, you must eat a lot and even eat your opponents!

When you first start playing Agar.io, you play as a little blob wandering around hunting for nourishment. The goal is to consume as many colors as possible in order to become stronger. When you first start playing, avoid all opponents because the majority of them are significantly bigger than you. There will be no way to defeat greater opponents, and if you do not flee, they will most likely consume you. Once you reach a certain size, you might seek out lesser competitors to accelerate your growth. Only the largest blob can remain undefeated on this vicious map. Can you afford to place your name at the top of the rankings?

How To Play

  • Move the left mouse button to move your character

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