In Amogus.IO, take pleasure in conquering new regions and possessing all that you see. You have a lot of adversaries who are always moving around, trying to claim new territory. However, you are not passively watching them perform all the effort. Likewise, you can be considered an enemy of theirs. Work hard and play smart if you want to own everything in sight. Can you achieve your territorial goals by destroying your rivals? 

In a large, boundless territory, you and your opponents are on the run. You and your opponents are vying for control of a small area by advancing smoothly from one spot to the next. This means that you should respect the privacy of the people whose property you are entering by avoiding the coloured regions. It seems sense for that person to have the same hue as the background, as that's where they'll be doing most of their floating. Just as your 

voyage will begin at the center of your respective hue, so too will your journey. The larger the space you occupy as a result of your travels, the farther you must have traveled. Of course, that assumes you make it to the mainland safely. It ought to be possible to reach back to one's mainland and knot the line one has been forming with the uniform color block. Once this is completed, the area beyond that border can be safely invaded. Take caution, though. You will self-destruct if an opponent prevents you from reaching your home continent. Likewise, your negligent foes' walls are fair game. Bear in mind that the universe has its own confines, and if you try to explore beyond them, you may find yourself falling to your death. It has a difficult ring to it. Then you better be ready to take over as much territory as possible and push yourself to the maximum while fending off enemies who are also playing a game with you.

How to play

How To Play
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