is an awesome IO game where you can assume the role of your favorite comic book hero in a deathmatch setting. How well do you think you would do against other players, and would you be able to top the leaderboard?


How to play

Your goal is to amass the most points and become the dominant player. Leveling up and collecting orbs allow you to improve your hero's standing. They will attack you because they want to be the best as well. You get to play as a variety of playable characters as you advance through levels. A greater range of attack is available to the characters you command as you level up.

Killing other players is another way to quickly accrue experience points and level up in the game. Advance toward the enemy and swing your weapon at them. Nonetheless, you will be eliminated from the arena if your opponent turns around and hits you first.

Collect coins during each round. You can utilize these to improve your hero's stats and get an advantage over your opponents. Every now and again, you'll be able to spin the wheel of fate and win extra cash, temporary boosts, and other goodies.
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